Pedal Kayak With Fold-up Seat
Category: M25 3960mm Pedal Kayak  Publish Time: 2017-03-23 05:55 

Pedal Kayak With Fold-up Seat

Hull material:LLDPE

Size:3960x843x399mm /12.99'*33.19"*15.71"

Weight: 47.8kgs/107lb 

Capacity:250kg /480lb


Standard Parts

1*big hatch
1*Fold-up seating system
1*8inch Round hatch
8*rubber stopper                                    
1*drain plug
3*flush rod holders with caps
4*carry handle                                                        
1*black bungee                                                                       
1*paddle holder cord                             
1*drink holder                                

1*rudder system                    

1*pedal accessory

1*directional control      

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